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Dear Friends,

What do you think about when you hear people mention the word time?  

Recently, at a Golden Wedding celebration, I asked a ten-year-old if he could imagine what fifty years could be like - fifty years for him was too long to fathom.  When I talk with many of our church folk here about the future of the church, the long-term future of the circuit, people only want to talk about the next few years so that the church will see their lives out, they don't think about the church in fifty years time.  I admit it is difficult to fathom.  BUT, we must.  

Jesus talked a lot about time.  He talked about 'being ready', that 'His time had not yet come' and he talked of the future, telling his disciples they would be without him, preparing them for that time.  In all of this there is a sense that he was with them then, at that time, but that there would be more to come.  'Now and not yet' is all about the time to come in terms of God's Kingdom.

The theological concept of 'already but not yet' holds that believers are actively taking part in the kingdom of God, although the kingdom will not reach its full expression until sometime in the future.  We are 'already' in the kingdom, but we do 'not yet' see it in its glory.  This theology came from theologian Gerhardus Vos early in the 20th century.  Those disciples and followers of Jesus learnt about him then and there, but he was promising life eternal, the life to come.

The Circuit Leadership Team has been thinking short-term, middle-term and long-term situations.  

As you are all now aware, Victoria is seriously ill; we have covered the work the best way we can but need to look at the short-term situation in the circuit.  We have created a Pastoral Worker post for one year in order to cover the pastoral work in Marlborough Road.  Revd Chris Eddy has been helping with this work during the last months.  We have also created a Part-Time post as Book-keeper to help those chapels without a Treasurer.  Asking Grimsbury to move their Sunday worship to a Tuesday has also been a short-term fix as we struggle with filling the plan.


So, from short term, quick answers, to current difficulties we have looked onwards in time.  

In the mid-term, the work at Hinton with the new housing development is taking off and they need help.  The ecumenical work in Hornton is good and needs a little more help.  A Lay Employee position will be created to work in both these areas and will be advertised etc.  The Circuit Meeting gave permission for me to focus on Marlborough Road over this next year.  There are various situations to work on there.

Into the long term.  Now we all know the phrase 'how long is a piece of string?', but long term!  In early discussions, we are thinking about creating one central Methodist Church in Banbury with perhaps hubs in local neighbourhoods.  Things have to be different because we cannot maintain the current position in this circuit, but long-term thinking is needed.  God's Kingdom, to be here and to be fruitful in the future, must surely be the aim of us all.  

Let us all rejoice in the here and now, God's presence in our lives and communities.  Let us have visions and dreams and pray for the church of the future, for at least fifty years in advance.

With every blessing



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