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Dear Friends,


Remember, remember – Jesus.


Bonfire Night will soon be upon us.  A reminder of Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Day and Firework Night; an annual commemoration observed on 5th November, primarily in the United Kingdom.  Its history begins with the events of 5th November 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords.  Celebrating the fact that King James I had survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires around London; months later the introduction of the observance of 5th November Act enforced an annual public day of thanksgiving for the plot's failure.


With Remembrance Sunday fast approaching too, we are all mindful of the soldiers who died fighting during the two World Wars, and the many wars since.  This year we remember in particular the ending of the First World War in 1918, the One Hundredth Anniversary.  

The Day is observed by Commonwealth Nations; poppies will be worn around the date of Remembrance Sunday; there will be parades and silences as acts of remembrance.  We do indeed give thanks for the freedom we now have.


These two events may highlight allegiances to queen and country, or not!  Doing the right thing.  Treasured memories of past generations and their fight for peace and freedom are important to so many.  Way before these two events though, there was another man who stood up for what was right, a new way of living.


This was a young man, 33 years old.  A man who wasn’t popular with everyone, who was argued against, who struggled to get folk to change their thinking, who wanted peace, love and godliness for all.  His name – Jesus.  We celebrate the anniversaries of his birth and death, but not with a “that’s it we’ve done that for another year” type of approach.  As Christians we know that he was resurrected and lives today and tomorrow.  Surely, we can testify to what he is doing in the here and now.  We can be praying for his guidance into the future mission in churches and the world alike.  The last chapter of Hebrews reminds us: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” Hebrews 13:8.


The service of Holy Communion is very precious to me, as it probably is to you.  Hear these few sentences from the service book: “He was put to death.”  “He was raised from the dead.”  “Remembering, therefore, his death and resurrection.”  “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.”  “Unite us with him forever.”


So, in this season of remembering, please remember Jesus.  Not just his past life, which gives us much to focus on, but remember that he is with us always into our future that is as yet unknown – wow, isn’t that amazing!

With love and prayers,




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