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Dear Friends,

The power of prayer IS amazing!

Very often, at the end of a prayer I will say “we pray, knowing that God hears our prayers; that he acts according to his will and in his time…”  This April certainly found God answering our prayers in an amazing way.  He provided for our needs in his time and not in the timescale of the Methodist Stationing process.  We thank God for Steve and Julie and for their moving here in April and not August.

Our humanity and inquisitiveness, the media, marketing and business companies, the legal system, and other ‘outside influences’ affect us and our relationship with God and our prayer life.  We all feel we have a right to know everything about everyone else.  Companies want our personal and contact details in order for them to tempt us to buy their wares.  The media wants to highlight public interest stories – well, in a lot of cases, gossip.  In the churches we all want to know everything, we don’t want to feel left out, that we don’t know something.   Recently, I was asked about a person who hadn’t been to church for a while, but the enquirer thought ‘something was going on and they hadn’t been told.’

We do not have to know everything.  This is where privacy comes into place. We are all entitled to a private life and don’t have to share what others want to know.  We have long had the Data Protection laws in place in this country and across the world.  You can’t have missed the fact that on 25 May 2018 GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - came into place.  Despite being Godly people, we do still have to obey the law of the land.  This does affect our prayer life.

Please do keep praying, but be careful.  If you want to have a prayer said, or you want to pray publicly (with two or more people) please make sure that the person to be prayed for has been asked if prayers may be said publicly.  This means in church or care homes, in prayer groups and prayer chains.  This is also the case when adding their names to newsletters, bulletins and prayer lists.  God does already know about these people and their situations so if you don’t have permission, you can ask for prayers for ‘someone who is in hospital’ etc.  Keep praying to our compassionate, healing, caring God.

As a Circuit we are checking what personal data is held by whom, where and what this information is used for.  A policy in line with the new law is being created, so be assured we are working to continue to keep any personal information held is kept safe.

When God answer’s our prayers, we give thanks but we also need to make the most of the answers and build on them.  God’s blessing of time for us means that during these next few months, before September, we can build up teams for the ministry of the circuit.  You will have heard that we are having Team Ministry here, so you need to be aware that you have two ministers for your church.  You can contact us both and you may put both our names and telephone numbers on your noticeboards.  We are meeting together weekly already and talk about the whole circuit.  Be aware of our prayers for each of you.

Let us all move forward with a positive approach for the future, respect people’s privacy, keep praying and listen to God’s amazing answers.                                                       

                                                                                       With love and prayers.  Lin                                                                                                        



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