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Are you excited by life, by Christmas, by God?

The front door opened when we visited our granddaughter.  Ella was stood in front of us on the stairs and quickly said "Granddad, Lin come and see!"  I quickly followed her to see a newly painted bedroom in two-tone pink of which one section was sparkly.  She had a new bed and new furniture.  She was so excited to show me, and of course her granddad, this beautiful bedroom.  The little things in life are important, sharing news is important too, this was a wonderful visit.  What excitement in your life is there to talk about?

From family life to church life.  Up at Hinton on a glorious Saturday afternoon in September a BBQ was prepared, a bouncy castle fully blown up and in place and the scene was set for a community joining together.  Excitement was in the air.  The bouncy castle was a great success with people of all ages, but the young people who came loved it.  Secretly, Margaret Cooknell did too!  Talk to the folk at Hinton and view their photographs.  What excitement is there in your church?

Marlborough Road will have excitement filling the air very shortly.  At a newly formed Fund Raising Group who met this week we discussed many varied events to be shared through the church and across the circuit as a fund raising exercise.  So before Christmas look out for a Christmas Quiz; all can take part and there will be a prize.  We are hoping to have a Swap Shop for clothes at the Mums and Tots group and a cake bake/home coffee morning, which you could help with, attend or get others to help.  People are asked to bake and serve coffee in their home at a date convenient to them, asking a price to attend or even for a donation to be given.   Food and conversation will be shared.  Monies raised to go to the  Marlborough Road Development Fund.  Exciting times.  

When we read the Bible we can read of Jesus being happy, of being angry, of being intrigued by people's questions, we don't read of his excitement, but surely it was there.  He sent the disciples out to carry out his work.  We read that they came back to tell him how they got on.  Surely this was exciting for him.  He would have delighted in what they were achieving.


As we approach Christmas our thoughts could turn to work, to sending cards, buying presents buying and then preparing food, but I would urge you to be excited about Christmas.  The event that changed the lives of so many people.  God's outpouring of love as he gave us his only Son.  That babe who grew and became the Saviour of the world, your Saviour.  I pray that you rejoice as you remember this precious gift.


Ella will be excited about writing a Christmas list, but she will be woven into the events of Jesus birth.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

With love and prayers, Lin



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