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A  rural Circuit, Banbury has fifteen churches, five based in the town itself.

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Do you consciously object to God’s work continuing?

At this Spring Representative Synod the theme is ‘Conscious Objections’ and we are meeting again at Towcester Racecourse.  Some people have been okay with this as a venue but some have thought that because of racing and gambling it isn’t an appropriate venue for a Methodist Synod.  This has made us think.  Applications for Lottery funding are made by churches, yet do church people agree with buying lottery tickets?  We walk past beggars in the street, ignoring their need whilst looking for the best savings opportunities for our money.  We decry lap dancing girls, and forget that they need to earn a living and bring up their children.  We all make conscious objections and form our own opinions according to our own perception of life.

Within this Circuit we have been looking at the way forward in terms of God’s work here in Banbury and the surrounding villages.  Surely we are all aware that life in the churches is never going to be what it was fifty years ago.  If it was, then you would have made it so, but it won’t be the same again; it has to be different to survive.  Whenever the words ‘different’ or ‘change’ are spoken, there are conscious objections and the phrase “It has always been this way, we don’t want it to change“ is said.

Jesus came to rescue the world, to save people and in doing so gave free will; the choice between good or evil, right or wrong.  Early in Mark’s gospel, Jesus is challenged for being unlawful on the Sabbath for picking corn and for healing.  He was doing the right thing but not obeying the letter of the law.  He therefore shows us how to do the right thing, and not necessarily follow tradition.

As Pentecost fast approaches, I am mindful of the coming of the Holy Spirit and of Peter’s first sermon about dreams, visions and prophesies.  The starting of the early Church found the fellowship of believers meeting in their own homes, sharing what they had and knew, they prayed and celebrated together.  They did this without a priest, simply with the Holy Spirit in their hearts and lives.  Praising God together with the training that they gave each other - encouragement.  A hymn in ‘Singing the Faith’ (No. 397) that says “The Spirit lives to set us free” is very appropriate.

So as we move onwards with Resurrection faith from Easter, rejoicing in the coming of the Holy Spirit let us all consider the situations we find ourselves in, both personally and as churches.  Let us consciously engage in being Christians, followers of Christ and his example.  Let us look at what is right, despite any difficulty.  Let us discover new ways of being church in this twenty first century. Let us dream Peter’s dream and have visions for the future.

Let me leave you with a poem written by Mother Mary Clare:

We must try to understand

the meaning of the age

in which we are called to bear witness.

We must accept the fact

that this is an age in which

the cloth is being unwoven.

It is therefore no good trying

to patch.  We must, rather,

set up the loom on which

coming generations may

weave new cloth according to

the pattern God provides.

Mother Mary Clare SLG

                                                                                         With every blessing


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