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Dear Friends,

Are you ‘moved?’


This letter is being written just after the ‘Messy Church’ at Hinton, when we celebrated Palm Sunday a week early.  As usual there was a variety of activities to be involved in, all of which had a link with the Bible story of the day – the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  It is amazing how all the parents and children readily take part in everything.


One of the activities involved drawing a matchstick figure on a glass dish with a whiteboard felt pen.  Warm water was then poured over the top.  When the water was swirled around, the figure lifted from the dish and moved about.  The children and families were asked how the people in the crowds moved - waving palm branches and being part of the excitement.


I was really prompted to think about how Jesus ‘moves’ me and indeed all of us.  Coming to know Jesus is emotional, it affects our whole being, it changes our thinking, the way we feel about others and moves us into action.  When we recognise Jesus as being our Lord and Saviour we may be deeply moved.  In our Baptism and Confirmation/Membership services there is movement.  We are asked if we will turn away from evil and all that denies God; then we are asked if we will turn to God, trusting in Jesus Christ as lord and Saviour, and in the Holy Spirit as Helper and Guide.  Our lives move.


The highs in our faith journey can be described as mountain top experiences, maybe when we have had answer to our prayers and when we really feel God’s presence with us.  At times we will have lows, when life is tough or when our faith is questioned.  These are all parts of the journey.  A movement of growth.


Which takes me back to the beginning of this letter.  Those children and their parents are learning about Jesus, some for the very first time.  The movement of the matchstick man was a learning experience, science.  In order to grow, to learn and to develop there must be movement.


I’ll leave you to consider how your faith has moved, how you have grown and developed along your faith journey, especially in the light of our having celebrated Easter with the Resurrection of Jesus.

With love and prayers,


P.S.  Remember that Methodism is a ‘movement’ – we’re meant to keep moving!


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